Product Design

fluid movement

product design & branding

I regularly work with Fluid Movement on private labeling food products for sale on Amazon. We aim for a clean-yet-distinctive look, appealing to a broad range of modern consumers.

Check out the actual Amazon listings & reviews!

Homestead Syrup (Amazon’s bestseller for maple syrup)

Homestead Honey Sticks (along with our other brand, Native, they are Amazon’s bestseller for honey sticks)

Triumph Alkaline Water (not a bestseller yet but great reviews!)

dirt chalk bags

product design

I was contacted by Julianne of Dirt Chalk Bags to create a chalk bag design. It wasn’t a huge project, but it’s one of my personal favorite designs, and a product that I now use many times a week!

Colony Nectar

Label Design

I’ve worked a couple times with Colony Nectar to produce label designs & illustrations for their ongoing mead bottle releases.



I was commissioned by Instagram brand Among the Wild Co to create a series of outdoor-themed stickers.